The People’s Mosquito Club Rules and Regulations

1. The People’s Mosquito Club (the “Club”) is a proprietary club, owned and operated by The People’s Mosquito Ltd, 4 Chestnut Way, East Goscote, Leicestershire, LE7 3QQ. Registered Company Number: 8145785 (the “Proprietor”).

2. The board of The People’s Mosquito Ltd (the “Board”) shall have all administrative powers necessary to manage and promote the Club in accordance with these Rules and Regulations, together with such other powers of management as it may from time to time undertake.

3. Membership shall consist of Members (hereinafter called “Members” and “Membership” shall be construed accordingly).

4. The Rules and Regulations shall be applicable to all Members. All Members agree to be bound by, and to observe at all times, these Rules and Regulations.

5. Proposals for Membership shall be made via the club’s website on the form provided for that purpose by the Club.

6. The Club charges all new members a joining fee and this must be paid before membership is finalised.

7. With the exception of honorary and lifetime memberships, an annual or rolling monthly subscription membership fee is paid by all members and is payable on demand. Failure to pay the annual or rolling monthly subscription membership fee as required will result in termination of Membership.

8. Membership fees are decided by the Board. The Board’s decision shall be final and binding and the Board will not enter into any correspondence in relation to fees.

9. The Board shall have sole discretion as to who shall become a Member of the Club and shall have the right to refuse any application for Membership for any reason without giving any explanation.

10. A successful candidate shall be notified of his/her acceptance and shall become a Member of the Club and shall thereafter be entitled to all the benefits and privileges of such Membership. Members will be issued with a Membership card (which shall remain the property of the Club).

11. Any omission from, or inaccuracy in, the particulars relating to, or the description of, any candidate for Membership may render the candidate’s application or membership void at the discretion of the Board.

12. Membership is non-transferable.

13. The Board reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to terminate the Membership of any Member for any reason and at any time. The name of a Member whose Membership is terminated will be removed from the list of registered Members and he/she will immediately cease to be a Member of the Club. Their Membership card, as property of the Club, must be returned to the Membership Secretary within 7 days.

14. The Board, or any person appointed by the Board, may terminate or suspend from Membership for a specific period any Member whose conduct, in the opinion of the Board or any person appointed by the Board, might be injurious to the character or interests of the Club or render him/her unfit to associate with Members. Such offences include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Violent, abusive or intimidating conduct
  • Sexual, racial or any other form of discrimination, harassment or bullying
  • Any action likely to bring the Club into disrepute
  • Any action likely to prejudice the Club’s aims

15. Before a Member is suspended or his/her Membership terminated, the alleged offender’s conduct shall be inquired into and the person involved shall be given the opportunity to defend himself/herself and to justify or explain his/her behaviour.

16. Having inquired into the events, if the Board is of the opinion that the Member is guilty of such conduct as mentioned in section 14 above and has failed to justify or explain it satisfactorily, the Board may either suspend or terminate the Membership of the offender at its discretion.

17. The Club shall use all reasonable endeavours to ensure that no Member receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of their sex, race, religion or belief, disability, marital status, age, religion, sexual orientation, nationality, colour or ethnic origin.

18. The Club has established a Privacy Policy in respect of the confidence its Members place in it and in conformity with high standards of data protection to which it is committed. The Club is registered to hold personal data under the United Kingdom Data Protection Act 1988.  By becoming a Member it is acknowledged that any personal information (“Personal Information”) that Members make available to the Club either through the Membership process, access to the Club web site or otherwise is done so voluntarily and with the relevant Member’s knowledge and consent.

19. Members agree to keep all passwords, user names, and/or any other identifying information used on or in connection with the Club and/or its web site (the “Access Profile”) private and secure. The Access Profile is strictly personal and may not be shared with or disclosed to any other party. Members understand that the Access Profile is confidential and that they will be held responsible for any damage caused through the use of the Access Profile by any unauthorised person.

20. These Rules and Regulations may be revoked, supplemented or altered by the Board at any time. Any such revocation, alteration or addition shall be deemed to have been brought to the notice of Members provided that a copy thereof is displayed on the Club’s official website

21. The Club may be dissolved by the Proprietor at any time. The Members acknowledge that they have no rights in this respect.

22. Any dispute or difference which may arise in respect of these Rules and Regulations and/or in relation to Membership or operation of the Club shall be determined by the Board, whose decision shall be final and binding on all Members.

23. Nothing in these Rules and Regulations shall be deemed to exclude the Club’s liability under English law.