Welcome to The People’s Mosquito Club.

Membership of the Club provides valuable support to the restoration of our DH.98 Mosquito, RL249, to British skies. The People’s Mosquito is a publicly funded charity that relies on contributions, donations and sponsorship in order to achieve its aims. This is very much your project – we can’t do it without you.

If you are already a member then thank you for your contribution and your support. Please continue to the Members’ area by clicking the button below.



If you are not yet a member then please take a minute to read about the important benefits to The People’s Mosquito, and to you, of joining the Club…

By joining The People’s Mosquito Club you will become a valuable part of the UK’s most exciting restoration project – one that will see the return to British skies, through public funding, of one of the most important Allied aircraft in the fight against tyranny during the Second World War, yet one whose value remains not widely recognised. A project that will see a de Havilland Mosquito based in the UK for the first time in over twenty years.

Benefits to The People’s Mosquito – the more people that support our project, the quicker the aircraft will be built and the sooner everyone in Britain can enjoy the sight (and sound) of a Mosquito flying once more. Your membership fee will help us with many of the activities we need to undertake to return a DH.98 Mosquito to British skies. We have a large budget to meet before we will be able to get RL249 airborne, and your membership will go a long way in helping us get there.

Benefits to you – you will be part of a community that has at its heart a desire to see the Mosquito recognised for the important aircraft it was while educating the next generation and remembering those of previous generations who gave unerringly for all our freedoms.

You will be one of a group of people who can look to the sky as RL249 The People’s Mosquito flies by and say “I did that.” You will have a sense of ownership of the aircraft that is something few, in modern times, have been able to feel. RL249 will not be a rich man’s toy to be shown off – it will, in a figurative and emotional sense, belong to those who helped fund and build it. It will be The People’s Mosquito.


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